Native Labs exceeded Return on Ad Spend and Engagement Rate goals by creating scalable, authentic content that resonates with new audiences.

Embark Vet
Know your dog. Better.
173% Above
Paid Social campaign average in Q4
50%+ Revenue
Driven from top creative, while exceeding ROAS goals by 36%
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"Native Labs produces high-quality video ad creatives with authentic, dog-owning actors at scale, allowing us to rapidly test & iterate on creative concepts across multiple channels, such as Social, Linear, OTT, while exceeding ROAS and ER goals by 28% and 176%, respectively."

Winette Vo

Associate Director, Growth

Traditionally, our Paid Social campaigns focused on static ads, but observing the shift towards video and authentic UGC, we recognized an opportunity to diversify our creative. However, to tap into this, we needed to find a partner that could produce authentic content with pets and their owners at scale.

"It was essential for us to invest heavily in UGC content. Historically, we had only produced static ads. That's where Native Labs fit in."

Native Labs was the solution to scaling and optimizing UGC creative production. They handle everything from pre- to post-production, including on-brand concept development, sourcing talented pet owners, producing the videos, and editing them to spec across social platforms. Their team also lets us quickly test creative angles and personas so we can rapidly iterate (1-2 weeks) on learnings. Additionally, we can test these assets on other channels, such as Linear Video and OTT, which helps us deepen our understanding of what works and doesn’t work.

Native Lab’s UGC Content has led to us beating our Paid Social ROAS and ER KPIs by 28% and 176%, respectively, with the top performing Native Labs creative driving 50% more revenue than the previous top performing creative

"Native Labs is a collaborative partner. The actors and their pets are top-notch, and their ability to rapidly test and iterate on concepts at scale is unmatched! We also love working with them because they understand our business, ask questions, and are open to feedback."

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