How Native Labs helps us scale paid channels with consistent, large-scale production of authentic UGC ad creatives that meet or exceed ROAS goals.

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The Native Labs partnership has significantly improved ad creatives, especially in engaging female audiences. The diversity of their talent roster and focus on authenticity and customer viewpoint has been key to the success.

Dima Zelikman

Co-founder, CMO

Unbound Merino aimed to revitalize its advertising strategy, focusing on authentic, customer-centric content. They partnered with Native Labs for their expertise in creating high-volume, genuine advertising content.

We needed a large volume of new advertising content that felt authentic and from the customer's point of view.

Native Labs has successfully developed long-lasting ad assets that refresh Unbound Merino's creative approach, particularly in targeting female customers, where their content now ranks as the top-performing female ads.

Native Labs has produced a number of specific ad assets that have had incredible longevity in our ads efforts. Not only do they help us refresh our ad creative with an authentic voice, but a number of their assets have stood the test of time.

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